Absolute Wines

Tradition. Passion. Sustainability.

What We Do

At Absolute Wines, we take great pride in being more than just a wine importing business; we are a passionate gateway to the authentic taste of Italy’s finest family-run wineries.

As an exclusive distributor, we are committed to sourcing and bringing you the hidden gems of the Italian wine landscape, from Basilicata and its volcanic soil in the south, to the rolling hills of Emiglia-Romagna to the north.

our mission

Our mission is to share the legacy of Italy’s small, family-run wineries with the world. We strive to connect discerning wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs with the essence of tradition and craftsmanship embodied in each bottle of wine we curate.

We cherish the strong bonds of family and believe that each winery’s story is interwoven with love, dedication, and pride, making every sip a journey of connection.

Special Wines